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Front Tuck salto Explanation and Learning process

Front Tuck salto Explanation and Learning process

The skill is one of the advanced skills for young gymnasts, and it is taught after a large physical and technical preparation stage. It can be taught in the second or third year of a child in gymnastics and by trampoline. Full application of it in the mat requires good strength in jumping and good teaching of the landing method.
The free or front air flip is a 360-degree forward rotational movement from jumping with the feet to reaching the feet, and it is carried out after running or after the front somersault or after the flip and with half a turn, and the implementation is as follows:
3 steps, then jumping up to round the body by joining the trunk to the knees and holding the knees with the hands, thighs or legs, and rotating in a rolled position, and after the rotation is complete, the ballerous position is opened to reach standing.
There are 3 techniques for the movement of the arms in movement and they are as follows:


  • From running before jumping, the arms are lowered down and with the jump they are lifted up over the head up high, and then they fall forward to hold the knees.

  • Before jumping, swing the arms forward, and then with the jump, pull the arms down and back, bent as far back as the side of the chest.

  • Before jumping, the arms move upwards over the head, bent, and then with the jump, extend them upwards and hold them to the knees.

  • The 3rd technique is used more with strapping motions

    Instructional steps:

    Physical Requirements:

    Developing the strength of the legs in jumping as well as the ability to land through exercises that contain jumping from a high to go down in a landing position by bending the legs from the knees about 45 degrees and looking forward and back flat with tilting forward the arms aside (focus on not bending the legs before touching the two metatarsals to the mat )

  • Teaching ball.

  • Front roll dive.

  1. Good jumps
  2. Dive roll.
  3. Front salto on Tramboline.

Jump to catch the high bar.

One arm on front of the body supprting the body from the belly during the action. and the other hands in the back of the gymnast and then the hand in the back will rotate the body.

  • Feet in the time of the jump in the back of the center of gravity so the body will rotate with falling forward

Correction: run 3 fast steps and jump higher. 

  • Slow rotation
  • Open so early or late.