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Kind of Competitions in gymnastics- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Kind of Competitions in gymnastics

Kind of Competitions in gymnastics

Gymnastics a sport like all other sports which the participants like to get honored and get a trophy from practicing it.

so that FIG who take care about gymnastics as the international federation who is control gymnastics and all its acitivites, FIG determined the following structor for the gymnastics competition and write down a books to manage the rules and determine the woners in every branch of gymnastics.

the gymnastics competition are in these major structor 

  1. competion for nations and its a team cometition.
  2. Individual comeptitions which different gymnasts from differents countries compete against each others. 

As a details for the above structors

we have a competitions evey year and every 2 years and also every 4 years.

every years like

  • Different world cups
  • World championships and this kind will be 3 times every 4 years cause in the year of Olumpic games we do not have a World gymnastics championship.
  • 4 years cometitions and its like Olympic games.

to be continoued ... 


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