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Safty in gymnastics hall- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Safty in gymnastics hall

Safty in gymnastics hall

For safty in gymnastics it's important that children should be taught some behavioral issues in the gymnastics hall:

  • Take clothes off, not hang them on apparatus, and put shoes in a suitable place

  • Not to run in the hall, which is meant to run, which is not an exercise by the trainer, for example: the coach allows children to drink water, so they run to drink water ... etc.

The Foam pit

for safty in gymnastics Hall we should take the following points in our consideration: 

  • The foam squares always rearranged and maintained inside the foam pit.

  • Ensure that wooden tools or mats do not fall into the foam pit.

  • Teaching students how to land in the foam pit: on the feet or back and not to fall on the head.

  • Make sure that there is no child inside and look before going in.


We must take these points in our consideration to offer the safty in gymnastics hall.

  • Only one person on the trampoline each time.

  • The simplest protection for potential falls.

  • Make sure there are no tools under the trampoline net.

  • Teaching children when falling on a trampoline not to use the arms for protection, and falling with the arms crossed to the body.

Genral point for safty in gymnastics hall

Some genral roles must be in our consideration

  • the performance on the  air track or tack of tumbling should be in one direction and should return to the beginning points close to it and not over the track..

  • Coordination among the children when using more than one direction on the floor area.

  • On a pommel horse, when falling, the arms must be joined to the body and not try to support on the hands.

  • Do not cross the run way of the vaulting table before insuring that there is no gymnast is running.

  • When changing the height of the parallel bars or High bar, no children should be under the parallel bar or close to the high bar.

  • Hitch: The hooks must be installed in the ground (hooks) and always checking them.

  • Landing area: Must cover always bu landing mat and we must nor install any other apparatus in that area.

  • The rope: when the kid is climping the rope. a coach may be close to it until we are sure that he is easy to climp wiout any problems..

  • Rope: Do not slip or glide the handswhen going down.

  • Rope: periodically check the location of the ceiling in the rope.

  • Rope: when a kid is climping other kids should not be under the rope.

  • To be continue...


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