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Rope jump is the cheapest and effective sport- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Rope jump is the cheapest and effective sport

Rope jump is the cheapest and effective sport

Stefan Demoy, a French specialist in physical education, confirmed that the well-known sport, rope skipping, is the cheapest practical way to burn calories in a period of 15-20 minutes. Domoy added that the practice of rope skipping is beneficial for the cohesion of the body and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back, and that regularity in practicing this sport helps to increase muscle mass at the expense of fat mass, which gradually leads to cohesion and thinness of the body. He pointed out that the benefits of this sport are not limited to maintaining fitness, but rather it has many other health benefits, the most important of which is strengthening the heart and arteries. He explained that 15 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of soccer or squash play and 45 minutes of ice skating or an hour of volleyball. However, Demoy warned against exaggerating the practice of this sport and reaching the stage of exhaustion, as this has a negative effect on the heart. He also warned those who suffer from obesity from practicing this sport. A recent study also showed that what stops the progression of osteoporosis is exercise for one hour, to be done three times a week, but with calcium intake, the study included 266 women, their average age is 55 years, and their average weight is 70 kg. If there is no sports club near you The study found that the bone density of those who trained with calcium intake was better than taking calcium without exercise. And if there are not many sports clubs that allocate time for women in the Arab sector, you can do an hour of exercise at your home, knowing that doing sports under the supervision of specialists is better than without it, and from the exercises that can be done topical jogging, and be while you wait for coffee, tea or Laundry, you can also "skip the rope" or jump.

What is the point of jumping?

Because this stimulates growth in the head of the thigh bone and the pelvic bones and the leg in general, and this will reduce fractures of the pelvis and thigh bone in the future. This means that when the body is exposed to jumping, jogging or skipping rope, it realizes that it has to strengthen these bones that are necessary to do the task, and thus the process of increasing bone density begins with calcium deposition.

Monitoring required

Taking into account the healthy position of the joints and their endurance of exercise, the weight of the body may cause a problem for the joints, and in this case it is okay to bring the matter to a specialist in physical therapy to see which exercises are better. If you want to strengthen any bone or muscle in your body, all you have to do is to put it to work and repeat, with good nutrition and your health in this world.

M . Dr. Abdel Salam Moqbel Al-Rimi
Algeria University


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