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Valut training percentage- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
Times of reading( 1979 )

Valut training percentage

Valut training percentage

The jump or movement in a jumping horse or jumping table is divided into stages as follows

  • Sprinting, which is not included in the evaluation process by the judges and ends with hopping
  • Take off the mitten
  • The first flight which is from the glove to touching the jump table
  • Take off from the table
  • The second flight
  • The drop
  • Running with a hopscotch is the most important thing in the movement, as good jogging leads to good movement and vice versa, bad running does not accomplish a good movement, so the ratio of jogging training and running speed occupies a great place in training at the jump table, and for this The ratio of the different factors in the jump table is as follows:
  • Running and napping (50%)
  • Trampoline approx (30%)
  • Two hand payment (15%)
  • Movement on a horse (5%)
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