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Avoid gymnastics accidents- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
Times of reading( 1849 )

Avoid gymnastics accidents

Avoid gymnastics accidents

In order to know how to avoid accidents, it is necessary to first know the causes that lead to them, and then work to avoid these reasons to ensure an athletic future for gymnasts.

Causes of accidents:

Causes resulting from poor organization

  • Poor hardware distribution.
  • The device is not valid or is not installed properly (the device was not prepared).
  • Manesia powder not available.
  • The reception mattress was not available or was inappropriate.
  • Accidents resulting from failure to respect training laws: -

  • Misuse of equipment (non-workout time).
  • Do not warm up well before major exercises.
  • Heavy exercise after a long break.
  • Not wearing appropriate clothes for training (wearing a watch - a ring .... etc.)
  • Failure to respect the training methodology in the exercise (breaking the principles of educational teaching).
  • Perform complex moves without prior preparation.
  • Poor physical or psychological preparation.
  • Misunderstanding or imagination of the movement or exercise.
  • Bad exercise configuration display.
  • Lack or poor help and prevention.
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