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Coach mission in Comptition and tournament- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
Times of reading( 1882 )

Coach mission in Comptition and tournament

Coach mission in Comptition and tournament

Within the duties of a gymnastics coach, tournaments come to reap what has been gained over the course of the year or multiple training years, and in order for the reaping to be successful, the coach must perform his role well because the wrong implementation leads to large losses that may not be compensated.

The coach's mission during the tournament:

Giving the gymnast self-confidence by calmness of a psychological coach.
Reminding him of the previous positive aspects, as an example, reminding him how many times he has executed correctly.
Before the tournament: The days before the tournament keep tension away from gymnasts.
Observing a good gymnastics warm-up In the case of a team there can be simple games.

Follow up and supervision of special warm-up on the device and training on podiums.

Bringing gymnastics to psychological calm - some psychological guidance.

Remind the gymnast of important points during a routine.

Helping gymnasts during training podiums in some important movements.

Avoid injury during podium training.

Gymnastic reminder of some of the legal factors.

Follow-up of gymnastic needs of fixing the number - order of passage - the place of elimination - the lack of coldness of the gymnastic body - the powder - the sizes of the devices - the availability of the simplest protection during training - the presence of a protest paper with the trainer - the presence of a pen - monitoring the validity of the straps and clothes for gymnastics .

Follow up of gymnastics during the performance and the presence of the coach for protection in the devices permitted by law.

Knowing the trainer at the beginning of the gymnastics level and following up on his performance.
Equip the glove in the jump - powder in the parallelepip in the absence of a colleague with the gymnast to do so.
In the event of injury, the coach is quickly present next to the gymnast and improper movement of the gymnast is not allowed.
In the event of a fall from the machine quickly explain the remaining tasks and where the gymnast begins to follow the sentence.
Comparison of the gymnastics degree with that which he knows (starting degree) in the event of a difference in favor of the gymnast, the coach should act immediately to protest accompanied by the administrator.
After the gymnastics fall from the apparatus of psychological encouragement, even in the event of failure.
Not to blame the gymnast after direct implementation and focus his efforts on the next apparatus.
Monitor the tools for gymnastics and their availability besides the gymnast when moving from one device to the other.
Monitor team uniforms in case of team competition.
Choose the appropriate traffic arrangement.
Deleting some movements that may not be implemented as a result (lack of competitors - gymnasts' suspicion of their implementation due to lack of self-confidence or fear due to any of the factors - or changing them with other movements - discovering something incorrect in the group of gymnasts that contradicts the law International and not taken into account).
Keep the glove in the parallel device if using it.
Stand near gymnastics for protection in the mind and throat.
The correct behavior when standing in case the gymnast made a mistake and not touching the gymnast or helping him when not needed.


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