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Hand Grips

Hand Grips

Almost every male gymnast with a high level or even a medium level wears grips on his hands in the throat and barbell system, while in girls' gymnastics it is worn in the parallel apparatus of different heights.
. There are two types of gripe:

  1. Ring Grips
  2. High bar Grips

The palm place of the grips band consists of the leather covering the palm, and the strap that secures the grips to the hand.
In the Grips of Rings, there is a small stick that is placed crosswise over the condom to act as a kind of stabilization against slipping in the Rings.
The difference between the Rings and HB Grips and the Rings grip of the brainstem is that the follicle of the brainstem has 3 openings for the fingers while the follicle of the throat only has two holes, and the space in the follicle of the throat is wider to cover the largest amount of the palm of the hand.
When does a player start using grapes?
As the child's growth increases, his weight will increase, and thus the coefficient of friction and pressure on his hands increases. It is suggested that they start using them from the fourth and fifth levels, while children before that use gloves (hand gloves),

Gripes benefits

  1. Help avoid the appearance of tears in the hands and calluses.
  2. Providing adequate friction prevents slipping so that this friction is not directly on the hands
  3. It is advised to start using grapes early, my argument does not delay teaching techniques, and it is of great importance to determine the correct size when buying grapes.
  4. A special pair of bandage should be purchased which is placed under the grips belt in order to prevent it from slipping up and down on the wrist, and to avoid hitting the forearm under the grips belt.
  5. After prolonged use of the grips, it may be interrupted at any moment, so it is important that the player has one in reserve.
  6. Some players use a special brush and some, especially girls, use water in order to keep it from becoming too soft
  7. Talk to a trainer before purchasing for grips.

Abdul Razzaq Abdul Qadir - Malaysia.


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