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Knees apart in Saltos- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Knees apart in Saltos

Knees apart in Saltos

Aerobic heart needs a fast rotation and ball or complete bend in order for gymnasts to perform and land from them safely and properly. Opening the knees means that the knees are far apart from each other, and this we see in the curved positions backward and in the forward reclining positions, and opening the knees leads to ease of movement and that because the knees are spaced completely easier than if the spacing between them was not done. It leads to a faster torque than the situation with the knees closed due to the completion of the ball and also the ease of holding the legs in the event of opening.

It is possible at the beginning of learning to move it allows opening the knees to obtain the following benefits:
  • Increased rotational speed because the body's extremities are closer together, which leads to increased rotation.
  • To avoid injury: In the event that the player does not complete the rotation and without sufficient height, he leads to a poor landing, which leads to the knees hitting the face and with the knees open, this event is avoided.
    but: In terms of international law, the player must close the body and complete the ball, unless the following is settled:
  • 0.10 when the legs are less than or equal to the width of the shoulders
  • 0.30 greater than shoulder width.
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