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Hurdle in Floor and valuts entry- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Hurdle in Floor and valuts entry

Hurdle in Floor and valuts entry

Hopscotch is the last step before performing moves that contain running.
  • Hopscotch is used to maintain the horizontal velocity obtained from running.
  • Increase kinetic energy gain
  • Hijlah description (before rendering and hand springing)

  • The hopscotch begins by jumping with the front leg with a step for the back leg to be in front (so it becomes the front leg), but it does not touch the ground, but it is kept at a right angle in front of the body with the arms raised high (hanging)
  • Land on the rear leg again the man that was jumped off.
  • Extending the arms forward with the arrival of the man suspended in the air, which is in front, to the ground, and placing it on the ground, trying to reach it to the greatest extent.
  • Throwing the hind leg up with hands down toward the mat.
  • Implement the desired move
  • Good Horticulture Specifications

  • Long and horizontal
  • Reaching the rug with the two hands is not by tilting the body, but rather by descending the whole body and trying to have a straight line passing from the back leg to the shoulders.
  • NOTE The hopscotch can be performed with the hanging leg straight
  • hopscotch

  • Move arms up.
  • Jump up with the back leg up and hold
  • Jump over a small box with the arms moving up and raise the hind leg to be hanging in front at a right angle to the knee.
  • Jump over the box and get down again.
  • Jumping and crossing the box.
  • Performing the hijjah on the rug
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