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GymNoor For Gymnastics Training

Tramboline in gymnastics artistic - Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Tramboline in gymnastics artistic

Tramboline in gymnastics artistic

Trampoline is a complementary device to artistic gymnastics, as it is of great importance in teaching many movements. We use the trampoline for the following purposes:

  • Create an atmosphere of fun for children, especially those who do not want to train.
  • Creating association with gymnastics and a love for gymnastics by children.
  • Teaching jumping and aerobatic movements such as cardio, etc.
  • Mark some motions to be performed on devices.
  • Teaching body control in a vacuum.
  • Trampoline Basics.

  • Upright jumping with arms alongside the body.
  • Jumping with arms up high.
  • Jumping with the ball.
  • Jumping together and opening.
  • Jumping down.
  • Jumping down on the back and standing back.
  • Jump to land, fall forward and back up.
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