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Importance of sports for kids- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Importance of sports for kids

Importance of sports for kids


  • Sports are of great importance for children. Exercising is one of the most important habits that a child is keen to practice. There is a mistake that some parents make, which is that they prevent children from practicing play and sports, thinking that playing and too much sport negatively affects the health of the child. Therefore, we want to make it clear to parents that this belief is a false belief. Imam Al-Ghazali, may God have mercy on him, recommended that the child be allowed to play a beautiful game. Preventing the child from playing and sports causes the child to tire as he remains locked in the walls of the house for lessons and study in the evening and in Morning studies at school; This method leads to the child becoming a dead heart, and the child's intelligence decreases, and this is confirmed by most studies.
    All recent studies advise parents to realize that children's needs for play with its various types, tools and methods represent developmental needs that develop with the development of the growth process in children. And now we are promoting to them the importance of playing and sports for the child.
    The importance of exercise for the child:

    The more a child plays games and sports, the more secure and stable he will grow. This is because play and sports help the growth of muscles so that the child acquires the motor skills he needs in his movements.
    Play develops the physical, mental and emotional abilities of the child, and helps to create a balanced social upbringing, emotionally and emotionally.

    The practice of play and sports also helps the development of children's linguistic development through the exchange of opinions and the continuous talk that arises due to the mutual interaction between the children participating in the play, and it provides the child with rich opportunities and natural life situations that act as ideal models in the formation of a healthy personality through mutual relationships And participation, cooperation, discussion, consultation and dialogue with others, and participation in collective decision-making, and accepting and respecting the opinion of others, even if it differs from the child's personal views.

    Psychologists and education experts emphasize that the games that children play represent the best way of correct thinking, physical and mental integrity, self-confidence, and facing life's difficulties in the future. Also, play and sports are fun for children, and depriving them of it makes the child not lead a normal life like the rest of his peers.
    As a summary of the importance of playing and sporting various physical, mental, social, moral and educational aspects of children
    The importance of sports in terms of the child's physical:
    Play is a necessary and important movement activity in a child's life because play and sports work to develop muscles and strengthen the body. Here, a number of scholars confirm that the decrease in the child's level of physical fitness is a result of restricting the child's movement inside the home. It is through play that the child occurs the necessary integration between the motor, emotional and mental functions of the body that include thinking.

The importance of sports from the mental point of view for the child:
Sports and play do not stop talking about them; Continuing to play and sport helps the child to become aware of the outside world around him. As the child ages, he is able to develop his skills by practicing certain games or sports; It is noticed that the games in which the child explores and collects and other forms of play that are characteristic of the late childhood stage enrich the child's mental life with many knowledge about the world that surrounds him.
The social importance of sport for the child:
Through the child's practice of a favorite sport or a specific activity that grows in his social aspect; In group games, the child learns the system, believes in the spirit of the group, and realizes the value of teamwork and the public interest, and the opposite emerges easily. If we try that the child does not practice any games or sports with children like him, you find that he tends to be selfish, aggressive and hates others, and this is in contrast to what is a reality and an accident in play that helps the child to cooperate and communicate with others, which makes him live within a healthy social framework.
The importance of sport from the congenital point of the child:

Play contributes to the formation of the moral-ethical system of the child's personality; Through play and sports, the child learns many ethics and behaviors such as honesty, justice, honesty, self-control and patience, in addition to the fact that he has a feeling through which he is keen to feel others and develop his relationships with them.
Therefore, we advise parents not to tie children into the house. Through the aforementioned, it was found that playing and sports help the child grow and develop his abilities. So, make sure to play and sport for children.


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