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Pommel Horse- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Pommel Horse

Pommel Horse

Pommel Horse from the difficult apparatus in training and in judgement but although that training is not easy like other apparatus where gymnasts has to master one element to he perform all other skills in easy way.

Pommel Horse is a nice apparatus for show and it's lovely apparatus for many gymnasts and kids.

The apparatus is 105 height from the mats, it consists of 3 parts 2 ends between pommels.

Gymnasts can do long forward or backward or side to the pommels

Excercise Dispcription in Pommel Horse.

A contemporary Pommel Horse exercise is characterized by a variety of support positions on all parts of the horse, permitting different types of circular swings with legs apart and together, single leg swings and/or scissors, and swings through the handstand position with or without turns. All elements must be executed with swing and without the slightest interruption of the exercise. Strength and hold elements are not permitted

The Element Groups (EG) are:
I. Single leg swings and scissors.
II. Circle and flairs, with and/or without spindles and handstands,
Kehrswings, Russian wendeswings, flops and combined elements.
III. Travel type elements, including Krolls, Tong Fei, Wu Guonian, Roth and Traveling Spindles.
IV. Dismounts.


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