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Kind of Gymnastics- Gymnoor for gymnastics training
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Kind of Gymnastics

Kind of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is divided into multiple types of activities and each activity has its own law and its own method of implementation. There is a difference between its types in terms of the types of devices used and in terms of the types of movements and there may be forced movements in a type of gymnastics and prohibited in any type Another, the International Gymnastics Federation supervises 7 types of gymnastics which are:

Men's Artistic Gymnastics:

It consists of 6 devices for men, which are:

ground rug

the throat horse


jumping table



This type of competition is held for it and goes side by side with artistic gymnastics for women

Women's Artistic Gymnastics:

Special practices for women and its activities are similar to artistic gymnastics for men with differences in the types of equipment and method of competition and contain the following devices:

jumping table

parallel height

balance beam

ground rug

Among the differences with men's gymnastics:
  • Music is used with the earthly movements for women, while for men, it is without music. Therefore, the floor movements of women are dominated by the character of dance.
  • Men count the top 10 movements in the routine, and for women only the best 8 movements are counted.
  • The height of the jumping table for men is 135 cm while for women it is only 125 cm.

    Trampoline and Trampoline Gymnastics:

    It has 4 activities:

    trampoline - individual

    trampoline - harmonic (even)


    mini trampoline

  • Rhythmic gymnastics:

    Practices for women only, and is performed with music and through the use of instruments:






    In rhythmic gymnastics there are individual and team competitions.

    Aerobic gymnastics:

    It is a practice with music and without tools, and it depends on sports dancing, jumping movements, without flips and no rolls, and it is necessary to perform 3 formations during the routine. The types of competitions in which are multiple:


    my husband



    Practices in it can be mixed between men and women in one team.

    Acrobatic gymnastics:

    And it is practiced with music for movements that depend on balance, strength and aerobatics, and it is dominated by formations that depend on balance, strength and coordination
    Practices in it may be mixed between men and women in one team in which the tournaments are divided into

    my husband



    General Gymnastics:

    It is a general practice that is not limited by a specific law, no specific age, or a specific gender, aimed at health and used in shows and large events, and it has an activity every 4 years called gymnastrada.


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