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What is the suitable age to start gymnastics training?

A lot of poeple asking me when shall we start gymnastics?
some of them they wants to know for thier kids and some of them they want to know about thier selves.
Are they fit for gymnastics or no? am I fit in age 19 to do gymnastics ? my kid is two years old, Shall we start gymnastics with him/or her?
What is the exact suitable age to start gymnastics?
my son is 8 years old will he be a champion in gymnastics?
To we could answer all these questions we have to know about the planing and the suitable goals for every person.
so here what is our goal? if our goal from gymnastics training is the competition or just to get fit?
if we are thinking in competitions we must start early early. but if we just think to be fit or to help our kids to improve thier other sports age is not matter.
gymnastics is long term sport and that means we need many years just to learn the basic of it, so with competitive training we should start from 3 or maybe 2 years.
for other goals no problem what age we start gymnastics.

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